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Hi! My name is Wesley Nesbitt.  I am the owner and primary photographer and artist of  Tramp Photography & Images. I am a freestyle photographer and digital artist. Over the years I have developed my own style of art and imagery. I have a Bachelor's Of  Science Degree in Photography and Digital Media.  I honed my professional skills doing product photography for restaurants, breweries, distillers and retail product sales. I have had numerous images used in magazines, newspapers and online publications for clients. Everything from head shots for models to weddings, senior pictures and family portraits. My nature photography has been used for several different chamber of commerce ads and brochures. Rounding out my resume includes doing poster and album art for various music artists in the United States and Canada. My art and photography has been in group exhibitions at numerous  Art Galleries in Europe for the last 5 years in over 14 different countries.      


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